Hope Michaelson BHSc (Nat)

ND, DBM, DRM, DRT, Dip Hom, Dip Nut

EMDR Certified Clinician, Somatic Experiencing Therapist (SEP)



Naturopath ATMS 6011

Naturopathy consultations including Counselling

Professional Body: Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd.

Health Fund Rebates available including: Medibank Private, BUPA (includes MBF, Mutual Community & HBA), CBHS, and many others ...

Spiritual Healer including training in 1991 & full membership in the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in Wales (NFSH), United Kingdom.

Naturopathy offers a wholistic approach to health & healing, providing an effective range of therapies suited to most individuals.






Naturopathy is not new, it has been practised from the earliest times and is based on the philosophy of creating optimum conditions to enable the body to heal itself as far as it is capable of doing.


Naturopathy recognises the individual as different people have different needs such as:

  • different therapies for the same dis-ease

  • different foods for different constitutions

  • natural medicines & advice according to different lifestyle patterns and different temperaments


Naturopathy draws on a range of therapies utilising primarily natural substances that are known to be effective in stimulating the self healing capacities of the body at the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.





Vibrational Medicine

Including Quantum Electro Dynamics and Energy Blueprints


I have studied Radionics and Energy Medicine with Professor Keith Mason, M.D. (M.A.) PhD, B.R.C.P and was an associate member of the The Radionics Association from late 80's to late 90's. Refer Professor Mason's publication for details of course content: 

"Medicine for the 21st Century. The Key to Healing with Vibrational Medicine"  ISBN 1-85230-329-8


“For healing to be effective,

the treatment must strengthen and restore the vital essence.”

Keith Mason, MD (MA) PhD, MRR

In this time period I relocated to Wales, UK, returned to Sydney, and then on to the Northern Rivers in New South Wales. In northern NSW I worked in a Women's Centre and designed and facilitated outreach programs including 6 weeks of 'Our Bodies, Ourselves', and worked with isolated women in outreach areas, and women who would access the service once every six months for social contact. 

During my stay in Wales, UK, I became a full member of The National Foundation of Spiritual Healers and assisted in training  



Although Radionics testing may have the appearance of a medical diagnosis, this is not a medical test. Radionics testing measures subtle energy levels and energy pathways. No medical claims are being made for Radionics testing and Radionics healing.
For a medical opinion or diagnosis of your health please consult with your medical doctor. If you are concerned about any aspect of your physical health you must see your medical doctor who remains responsible for your health. Radionics is not a substitute for medical diagnoses, medical tests, or conventional medical treatment.

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Trained and Trainer in Wales, UK